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What IS RCMC ?

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RCMC stands for Registration-cum-Membership Certificate. It is a document issued by the Export Promotion Councils (EPCs) or Commodity Boards in India to Indian exporters. The RCMC serves as proof that an exporter is registered with a specific EPC or Commodity Board. These organizations are responsible for promoting and regulating exports of specific products or product categories from India.
Here’s how the RCMC works in the context of exports from India:
Registration: Indian exporters who wish to avail themselves of various benefits, incentives, or concessions provided by the government for promoting exports need to register with the relevant Export Promotion Council or Commodity Board. These organizations are industry-specific and cater to various sectors such as textiles, gems and jewelry, engineering, agriculture, etc.
Membership: Once registered, the exporter becomes a member of that specific EPC or Commodity Board.
Certificate: The EPC or Commodity Board issues the exporter a Registration-cum-Membership Certificate (RCMC). This certificate contains details of the exporter’s registration and membership with the organization.
The RCMC serves several purposes, including:
Access to Export Benefits: It is often a prerequisite for availing various benefits, incentives, and concessions offered by the government to promote exports, such as duty drawback, export subsidies, and preferential tariffs in trade agreements.
Proof of Authenticity: It establishes the authenticity of the exporter and their association with a specific industry or product category.
Participation in Trade Fairs and Exhibitions: Many trade fairs and exhibitions require exhibitors to have a valid RCMC to participate.
Statistical Data Collection: It helps the government and industry bodies in collecting data on exports and analyzing trade trends.
Export Promotion: EPCs and Commodity Boards use RCMCs to organize seminars, workshops, and trade promotional events for their members.
It’s important for Indian exporters to obtain and maintain a valid RCMC if they wish to benefit from the various advantages it offers in the field of international trade. The specific requirements and procedures for obtaining an RCMC may vary depending on the industry and the Export Promotion Council or Commodity Board involved. Exporters should contact the relevant organization for detailed information on the application process and requirements.

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