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Top 10 Most Demanding Products Export From India 

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Here’s a list of some of the top products exported from India, although their specific ranking may vary over time:
Petroleum Products: India is a significant exporter of petroleum products such as refined petroleum, petroleum gases, and oils.
Gems and Jewelry: India has a robust gem and jewelry industry, exporting a wide range of products including diamonds, gold jewelry, and gemstones.
Pharmaceuticals: India is known as the pharmacy of the world, exporting a large volume of generic drugs and pharmaceutical formulations.
Automobiles and Automotive Components: Indian automotive industry exports automobiles, two-wheelers, automotive parts, and components to various countries.
Textiles and Garments: India is a major exporter of textiles and garments, including cotton yarn, fabrics, apparel, and made-ups.
Engineering Goods: India exports a variety of engineering goods such as machinery, electrical machinery, vehicles, and parts.
Agricultural Products: India exports agricultural products like rice, spices, fruits, vegetables, tea, and coffee to various countries.
Chemicals: India exports a wide range of chemical products including organic and inorganic chemicals, dyes, and pharmaceutical chemicals.
Iron and Steel: India is among the top exporters of iron and steel products, including steel bars, sheets, tubes, and pipes.
Electronic Goods: India exports electronic products such as mobile phones, consumer electronics, and electronic components.
This list is not exhaustive, and India exports many other products as well. The rankings may vary over time based on market demand, global economic conditions, and other factors.

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