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How To Start Export Import Business From India : Your First Step

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Hello Future Exporter,

I am Rajnish from Connecting India Exim Solution , I am an Exporter and Export Import Consultant , In this blog we are going to discuss about the complete Export procedure from India and how you can start your Export Journey.

Lets Start ,

Export Import Activity is a specialized task. you must require a good knowledge before starting export import from India. The major body in export import is Director General Foreign Trade (DGFT) which share the procedure to be followed by an Indian Exporter and Importer.

Export Import of Products and Services are Classified into following Parts:-

  1. Export Import Procedure
  2. Export Import Documentation
  3. Export Import Rules and regulation
  4. Custom and Forwarding
  5. International Marketing which include Product marketing, Market Selection and Buyer finding Procedure

Export Import Procedure :-

  1. Product Selection
  2. Market Selection for Export and Import
  3. Decide a Trade Name
  4. obtain a GST certificate
  5. Registration of Company
  6. Open a Current Account
  7. Apply for Import Export Code
  8. Apply for RCMC
  9. Other Certificate as per the products
  10. Get the Ad code from Bank
  11. ICE Gate and Port Registartion

Now you are ready for Export Import

You can start your Export or Import Journey now , appoint a Good CHA ( Custom House Agent at Port ) Find The Buyer or Supplier , In Export Case Give complete Export quotation to your buyer , once he finalize the order , start processing of product , dispatch from factory , make require docs such as Invoice Packing List, Insurance, Eway Bill, Your CHA will receive the material at port and he will do custom clearance of your product and Handover your Material to Shipping line and shipping line provide you Bill of Lading for that , collect the all Docs, from CHA and Shipping Agent and Courier to Buyer After receiving full Payment of Your Export Shipment , and submit docs to your bank as well

Thanks you Very much if you have any query and doubt you can join us call now +91-7014555258

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