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How To Export Footwear From India | Step By Step Guide

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Exporting shoes involves several steps. Here’s a simplified guide:
Step 1: Market Research
Identify Target Markets: Determine which countries or regions have demand for your type of shoes.
Understand Regulations: Research import/export laws, tariffs, and restrictions in your target markets.
Step 2: Product Preparation
Quality Check: Ensure your shoes meet quality standards and are suitable for export.
Packaging: Choose appropriate packaging that protects the shoes during transit.
Step 3: Obtain Necessary Documentation
Export License: Check if your country requires an export license for shoes.
Customs Documents: Prepare documents like commercial invoices, packing lists, and certificates of origin.
Step 4: Shipping Logistics
Choose a Shipping Method: Decide between air, sea, or land transportation based on cost, time, and volume.
Find a Freight Forwarder: Partner with a company experienced in international shipping to handle logistics.
Step 5: Customs Clearance
Submit Documentation: Provide required paperwork to customs authorities.
Pay Duties and Taxes: Be prepared to cover import duties and taxes in the destination country.
Step 6: Delivery and Payment
Track Shipment: Use tracking services to monitor the shipment’s progress.
Payment Handling: Arrange for payment from the importer as per agreed terms (e.g., Letter of Credit, advance payment, etc.).
Step 7: After-sales Support
Customer Service: Offer support to the importer for any issues post-delivery.
Feedback Collection: Gather feedback to improve future export processes.

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